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Delorean mieten Nebel
Messe Auftritt
KITT Knight Rider

Your partner for your professional appearance with the most famous film vehicles of the 80/90s!

Bring your customers or viewers back to the 80-90s and fulfill childhood dreams by presenting the DeLorean time machine, K.I.T.T. Knight Rider, the Fall Guy Truck from "A Colt for all occasions" or even famous vehicles from the Jurassic Park film adaptations at your events.

Even ORIGINAL film vehicles such as the Mattig Manta from "MANTA MANTA" can be found exclusively in the rental.

Our vehicles are absolute customer magnets and THE highlight at every event!

ALL vehicles are in our own stock! So you have the usual MOTOREUM quality for every single vehicle and ONE contact person for your events. All dates can be confirmed immediately without further inquiry

Trust in our competence and professionalism, because we have proven our performance at numerous events, TV shows, commercials, or even in music videos.

Our DeLorean has had over 20 million viewers and is therefore Germany's most famous time machine, which has even been "approved" by Christopher Lloyd (Doc Emmett Brown) and Kevin Pike (Special Effects Supervisor "Back to the Future ").

Numerous television stations such as ARD, ZDF, NDR, RTL, WDR, SAT1, but also AXA, Continental, Cloudfest, ProServer, and many other large companies are among our customers.

We bring your idea to the point and help you with the implementation.

Trust a professional when it comes to "Back to the Future" with exclusive contacts in Hollywood like Bob Gale (Co Writer Back to the Future), Kevin Pike (Special Effects Supervisor), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), Jeffrey Weissman (George Mc Fly) and of course Christopher Lloyd (Doc Emmett Brown. There are enough stories to tell that have never been told before!

We assure the perfect execution of your order, with a perfectly prepared time machine with ALL functions as seen in the movie ,ok time travel of course not, but with fog, sound, simulated time travel and light effects controllable by W-DMX.

rent-a-moviecar supports "TEAMFOX" the

Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation

Team Fox Sponsor

rent-a-moviecar supports "TEAMFOX" the

Michael J. Fox Parkinson Foundation

DKMS DeLorean Delorian

Unsere Fahrzeuge sind absolute Kundenmagneten und DAS Highlight auf jedem Event!


ALLE Fahrzeuge sind im eigenen Bestand! Somit haben Sie für jedes einzelne Fahrzeug die gewohnte rent-a-moviecar Qualität und EINEN Ansprechpartner für Ihre Events. Alle Termine können sofort ohne Rückfrage bestätigt werden.

Vertrauen Sie auf unsere Kompetenz und Professionalität, denn wir haben bei zahlreichen Events, TV-Shows, Werbefilmen, oder aber auch in Musikvideos unsere Leistung bewiesen.


Unser DeLorean hatte bisher über 25 Millionen Zuschauer und ist somit deutschlands bekannteste Zeitmaschine die sogar von Christopher Lloyd (Doc Emmett Brown) und Kevin Pike (Special Effects Supervisor "Back to the Future ") "abgenommen" ist.


I'm Kevin Pike.

Our company, Filmtrix, Inc. built the Delorean Time Machine for the Back to the Future movie back in 1984. Since then, many fans around the world have enjoyed building replicas of our original car. Moreover, I have enjoyed seeing many of them as I travel around the globe seeing friends and fans. I consider Michael Hoffacker to be a good friend and an excellent replica builder. The car is a terrific example of craftsmanship and dedication to the accuracy of our original. I want to tell all of you if you have a desire to have a replica for your event, I can say with great sincerity that his car with be an excellent accompaniment for your affair.


Kevin Pike


Zahlreiche Fernsehanstalten wie ARD, ZDF, NDR,RTL,WDR, SAT1, oder aber auch AXA, Continental, Cloudfest, ProServer, und viele andere Großunternehmen zählen zu unseren Kunden. (Videos)


Wir bringen Ihre Idee auf den Punkt und helfen Ihnen bei der Durchführung.


Vertrauen Sie einem Profi in Sachen "Zurück in die Zukunft" mit exklusiven Kontakten in Hollywood wie Bob Gale (Co Writer Back to the Future), Kevin Pike (Special Effects Supervisor), Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), Jeffrey Weissman (George Mc Fly) und natürlich Christopher Lloyd (Doc Emmett Brown. Es gibt genug Geschichten zu erzählen, die bis jetzt so nicht erzählt worden sind! .

Jurassic Park
DeLorean für Filmaufnahmen
Jrassic Park Fahrzeuge
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